Daniel Dubinsky


Laurel, NY


Focus is primarily landscapes, ocean, beach, coastal settings, sky, and nature. The study of light, texture, subject and color are depicted in each work.

“Saltwater Studio “ was inspired by utilizing natural coastal elements in finished works, from ocean water used in watercolors , driftwood wire tree sculptures, and handmade frames from beach walks, more coastal elements to come in dimensional oil pastel - resin works.
Specializing in the following mediums- oil pastel, watercolor, charcoal, sculpture, and mixed media.

“Art is universal, and a major part of everyday culture that is often overlooked, as an artist it is our job to maintain and grow the creative process in the present as well as inspire artists and collectors for the future”

Having been intrigued and introduced to Art & Design since childhood, I have developed my works from surroundings, individual study, and fellow artists both present and past .

Saltwater studios mission is to utilize the finest raw ingredients & professional materials to produce life long color, artistic character and museum quality preservation in each piece.

“My goal through color, texture, dimension, perspective and meaning, is to represent each piece to an individual or collector to imagine, open, feel, and get into the moment of each individual work, get away from their common moment and capture a sense of their own interpretation and vision…. Creating a lasting personal impression”

Interpretation and inspiration is driven from observation, passion, immediate family and individuals who truly value the arts.

My works are in galleries, collectors, and the hands of fellow artisans.


female nude the backside by Daniel Dubinsky


Suffolk Theater- best of the best 2014 by Daniel Dubinsky


Ember night by Daniel Dubinsky


Sun-rest by Daniel Dubinsky


climb to the top by Daniel Dubinsky


Backside Beach by Daniel Dubinsky


Reflections by Daniel Dubinsky


Eternal tide by Daniel Dubinsky


Walk of Change by Daniel Dubinsky


portulaca path by Daniel Dubinsky


the observatory by Daniel Dubinsky


Generations by Daniel Dubinsky